About me

After the Zagreb XI. Gymnasium and Textile University, I am organizing fashion shows in clubs Gjuro, Kulušić, Sheraton American bar. Soon I get the first job in the daily newspaper Republic within the National magazine, but after six months Republica closes and I started working in Jutarnji list. That is how my career as an editor and fashion and beauty journalist begins. Since then I've been through the fashion shows, commenting on them, writing about our fashion scene, interviewing designers, going backstage, commenting as a critic for New TV. After 20 years of career in journalism, I'm looking forward
to new challenges, but my dear stays strong as usual. For years I worked with many wonderful people on our scene, here are some of them, I am grateful to them for these praise :).

Need the best tips & tricks, best choice od colors od patterns, just for you? Contact me through skype: DPZ CONSULTING EU

Something private:

What do I like? Colors, running, smiling, playing a piano, hiking in the woods, no neccessary in that order.

What is my style like? Eclectic, colorful, sometimes classy, sometimes voluminous, sometimes layered.

Favorite pieces in my closet? Shirts. And shoes.

Dubravka Prpić Znaor 

A longtime fashion journalist and editor, fashion critic


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