Duda is genius, creative, peculiar, I would recommend her to the whole universe!

Mihaela Dodić, a makeup artist

Dubravka is the kind of persona you think you know for a whole life. Each of our co-operation and the story was successful because when it comes to so much effort and passion, and beyond all knowledge, then there is simply no room for failure or semi-product. Cool and chic fashion journalist, editor and expert, who is very important on the Croatian fashion scene.

Ivan Alduk, Fashion Designer

Every season, before the release of the show, Dubravka comes backstage and scrutinizes and studies with great curiosity. We love these moments, just as her concept of fashion writing - she communicates it simply and unpretentiously, but always informed and as expert.

KLISAB, fashion duo

A long time has passed since Duda first interviewed me. Through the years; we cooperated many times. I can almost recognize the text Duda wrote. Somehow, in her own way, he describes the collection, seizes the thread and in a few sentences almost intuitively presents the collection, the person... There is something every journalist should have: intuition and a positive approach. I love Duda; and she was taught from the best.

Loredana Bahorić, Fashion Designer

We have been in this business for 15 years and from the very beginning there is Dubravka. Influential people in fashion believe in Dubravka’s opinion, and so do we!

Envy Room, fashion duo

I have known Dubravka for years, once she had an interview with me, it was New Year's Eve, I knew that a reliable, responsible and valuable journalist's name was born. Her companionship with the unforgettable Ana Lendvaj, gave one more significant dimension to her professional development. Today Dubravka is the name that is believed, the person being asked and whose knowledge of the fashion is appreciated. She says very spontaneous and easy -what is important. I believe her and honestly can hardly wait to read or hear her review of current fashion themes.

Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, fashion agent

When it comes to trends, commenting on new collections and a red carpet, I often call Dubravka because she knows it all. Also, does it easy, concisely and concretely.

Ana Vela, a novelist Nova TV

I remember Dubravka from the beginning of my career, since my agency organized fashion shows. She has always been a fashion expert, correct, professional and - smiling! And still is.

Ana Petričić Gojanović, owner of PR agency PRIREDBA

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